Building a series of new Smart City/Eco City
age of innovation!

The Huntington York Development Corporation (“Huntington York”) is a multinational, privately-owned real estate investment and development group concentrating on the research, acquisition, administration, planning and development of strategically located land in major Indian growth corridors and then improving them with a chain of sustainable Eco-Smart cities and sustainable communities over multiple asset classes with a proprietary IT platform which provides energy farming, water management, urban solar farming, organic vertical farm and other daily recurring revenue streams.

With more than 35 years of experience, Huntington York management team has a proven track record of administering land investment projects, including several smart city development projects preparing to get underway.


  • Buy Low
  • Aggregate and purchase lands in Tier #1 Cities
  • Convert land use – minimum footprints 50-5000 acres 5,10,15, 20,25 year programs depending on city size and scope.
  • Get Permits
  • Self Financing Projects sell out within 6 months prior to construction completion.
  • Generate billion dollar revenues $$$$$$$ early in the cycle
  • Build – Use credible contractors per township.
  • Retain core assets (commercial corridors, office, shopping centres, hotels etc.)
  • Bundle and retain annual IT/ Energy and annual revenue.
  • Provide annual revenues after projects are sold.

Huntington York takes a long-term approach to land development, building communities for today and tomorrow with 5,10,15, 20-year programs depending on city size and scope.

Our developments are comprehensively designed in collaboration with disruptive innovators, cutting edge Smart and Green technologies, local residents for the benefit of all community stakeholders.

Our goal is to build communities and buildings that will stand the test of time: hometowns for present and future generations.

“Are You Future Ready”