Enabling the new Smart City/Eco City
age of innovation!

“HYDC”  - Smart cities are an evolved state of urbanization where application of technology integrates and bundles a diverse individual entities such as buildings, utilities, authorities, infrastructure, and industries.” On a proprietary IT platform which creates a higher quality of life while creating daily revenues.

Projects will be constructed from the ground-up, on greenfield sites, allowing us a unique opportunity to be distinguished from other places that have been developed and constructed over hundreds of years.

Plans call for these communities to be powered as much as possible by regenerative energy, while also making use of automated driving technology and passenger drones.

"All services and processes in the communities will be 100% fully automated”.

We Integrate all infrastructure and utilities and create a self-sustainable habitat to improve quality of life. with gardens and energy-efficient skyscrapers. Using Information and Communications Technology (ICT), a single city-command agency will coordinate all utilities and services, from roads and transportation to water distribution and the waste management system, and will also ensure security and surveillance. A network of sensors, cameras and data analytics will enable delivery of e-services to the citizens, save energy, reduce pollution levels and carbon footprint, and cope with irregularities in real time. With a growing number of citizens, the main challenge will be to efficiently manage solid waste. The automated pneumatic waste system that has been elaborated is intended to maximize resource recovery, minimize impact on environment and the required human intervention, and increase the aesthetics of the city.

The streets and the apartments will be equipped with a garbage disposal system which will collect and carry away waste through underground vacuum pipes at a speed of 90 km/hr. It is a combination of under pressure and overpressure that will enable to transport waste with low energy consumption. The whole system will be remotely computer-controlled by operators located from the waste station. The material will then be treated through plasma gasification. Waste trucks won’t be needed in the city anymore to collect the garbage. This will result in fewer traffic jams and CO2 emissions. Designed by the Swedish company Envac, this pneumatic waste collection system is expected to handle more than 400 tons of waste per day, resulting from the 25,000 apartment of the future smart city with gardens and energy-efficient skyscrapers.

Integrate all infrastructure and utilities and create a self-sustainable habitat to improve quality of life.

Our model is designed to monitor and enable many aspects of citizens’ daily lives to deliver services in a faster and more efficient way with wiser use of natural resources and minimal impact on the environment with a low carbon impact and to monetize this with a business model that sees daily revenues.

“Are You Future Ready”